Peter Pan Flowers oil on canvas

About The  Artist

Kathie Kelly had a passion for art even prior to receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas in San Antonio. She is a very versatile artist who has over the years created paintings, drawings, 3-D sculptures and unique paper collages. She paints in all media including oils, water, and acrylics. Her main interest lies in the use of color, therefore, many of her subjects are flowers, landscapes, fish, or purely abstract works.

Ms. Kelly’s latest artistic endeavor is creating custom one-of-a-kind sculptures that are considered “green art”. By utilizing materials such as broken plates and cups, parts of commercial advertising products, broken tile, and scrap wood that would have otherwise ended up in our landfills, she has been able to construct original pieces of art. In each sculpture, Ms. Kelly incorporates objects that provide a focal point and add a spark of color and interest.

Ms. Kelly’s work has been exhibited in various galleries throughout the valley. She has taught art in the Arizona school system for several years as well as given private art lessons to students in the Phoenix area.

Kathie Kelly is great with our residents!  Kathie is professional, patient, kind, well spoken & dependable.  She brings out the creativity in our residents, builds confidence in her students, designs the art class with each individual in mind & is very easy to work with.  I’m so glad to have Kathie running our art program here at Generations at Agritopia!

Sergio Rimola, ADC

Director of Vibrant Living, Generations at Agritopia

Kathie Kelly with her “Irises 2017” work she painted for the Kids In Need Foundation

Kathie Kelly with Irises 2017 painting she painted for the Kids In Need Foundation
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